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We work exclusively with eGaming licensing companies, eGaming softwares experts, eGaming lawyers and domain brokers around the world. We provide much more than just a B2C eGaming license service. We offer a 360 degree eGaming and Sports Betting consultancy on finding the perfect brand name from domain name or domain collection, to advising on the best online sports betting partners with “Turn Solutions” for any Land Based Casino or Entrepreneur wanting to invest and launch their new eGaming Online Casino, Slots, Poker and Sports Betting Venture. 

We also have several business opportunities which we seeking capital funding, key partners for win-win JV partnerships.

“At eGamingLicense.com, we have taken the time to secure the very best EMD – EXACT MATCH DOMAINS for the eGaming, iGaming, Gambling and Sports Betting Domains.” – Click here to view all our PREMIUM BETTING & BLOCKCHAIN DOMAINS

 Our partners offers numerous licenses: 

Together with our network of eGaming and gambling partners we offers key eGaming tools and marketing services for your brand to grow. 

Check our services here:

  1. Affiliates Strategy
  2. Betting Domains

  3. Business Opportunities

  4. Co-Broker Listings

  5. Domain Name Appraisal

  6. Identify Opportunity

  7. Marketing Services

  8. New Licenses

  9. New Domains

  10. Portfolio Management

  11. Special Strategy Cases

  12. Strategy Development and Recommendations

Our team consists of eGaming experts in offshore organisational setups. Our partners are professional operators and entrepreneurs in the eGaming industry.

Areas that are incorporated in our model are eGaming licensing:

  1. Overseas banking

  2. International business corporations

  3. eGaming

  4. Fintech

  5.  e-Commerce Solutions

  6. Payment processing

If you are looking for a company to help you start your next eGaming or Sports Betting company reach out and we will not only help you with your license but most importantly help you select your unique domain name which will become your brand name. In order to acquire market share you will need a go-to marketing plan with a dedicated team for customer service, administration and of course all your legal and payment processing. Together with our selected global eGaming partners we have +40 years of experience in this industry and we all will help your company launch, grow and reach new online milestones and secure loyal online gamblers.  

About The Founder

Sebastien Staub – Bachelor of Commerce in TOURISM & ENTREPRENEURSHIP graduated at Curtin University, Perth WA Australia in 2007

Entrepreneurial and managerial Business Minded Person with a strong business acumen in Branding, Marketing, Domaining, Lead Generating, SEO/SMO, Digital Services, FinTech, Real Estate & Hospitality sector. 14 years in the Sales and Management, specialised in Domain Investment and Innovation, past work was in Real Estate, Sales, Marketing, Hotel & Tourism Industry with proven results and referrals from two leading promoters in Mauritius. Founder & Editor Homes.mu, Bazar.mu & Hospitality.mu which I sold all my IP’s in 2021 to invest and launch www.eGamingLicense.com. I own +300 premium eGaming, Casino, Poker, FanTokens, FanCards, a Sports Network and Horse Racing Monopoly. Besides several collections which includes: eGaming, Casino, Poker, Sports Betting and the latest hottest Fan Tokens and Fan Cards gambling niche. I also purchased my first home in Rodrigues Island where I will be residing this end of 2021.  

I strongly believe in the Dot.Asia CEO’s quote very much.  

“The Future is about Strategic Domain Value, especially as a Portfolio of Domain Names. No longer are we in an era where companies only maintain one single domain we talking about a portfolio of domains.”Edmon Chung – CEO of Dot.Asia

I will add to this quote that all online betting companies must have several betting portals for each niche in order to grow their bottom line. To only focus on only one brand that does it all does not make sense from a UI/UX point of view. 

Just like for any mobile apps or website success, the sign up steps, as well as it’s loading time to place a bet must be as simple as simple as 1,2,3 clicks. Many online gambling surveys and customer feedbacks confirms that most betting sites are too overloaded with content, links and too complicated to place a bet online. 

This is where the innovative digital architecture UI/UX comes in. At eGamingLicense.com, we propose a simpler and smarter way to launch multiple sites and apps for each niche and work our market share from there. To build a new gambling brand in this competitive market for global sports and all entertainment games is virtually impossible to beat the giants already in place. But to grow our own niche portals for each sports or games and build 100 sites and sale revenues that is very much possible. 

My work status and relationships:

I am available for remote working on eGaming, Casino, SportsBetting, FanTokens projects, I am married with 2 kids (5 yrs boy Shane & 2 years old baby girl Marine Oceanne).

My education:

  1. Tourism Management & Entrepreneurship Degree Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia 2007
  2. Advanced Diploma Hotel Catering and Tourism Management, London, UK 2002
  3. Wine and Spirit Certificate, London, UK 2002
  4. Health & Safety – First Aid Course, Australia, Perth 2010
Look forward to working with you, let’s schedule a 30 minutes call – click here
Best regards,
Sebastien Staub 
Digital Architect, Domain Investor & Proud Dad of two angels Shane and Marine Oceanne









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