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PREMIUM BETTING DOMAINS EgamingLicense.comDomain Names are the best “Digital Assets” to own better than crypto and NFT’s.  

They are:

  • Unique URL address which gives you a
  • World Wide Web and Global Presence 
  • Allows you to enter and operate in a niche market 
  • You can own as many as you can afford, develop them, sell them or enter into a JV
  • Unlike Gold or Cash you can only carry a limited amount with you
  • You can own as many domains, re-sell them or even start a business anywhere in the world
  • They are truly the best Digital Assets to own in this day and digital age
  • Every domain has its own valuation, for its brand, its niche and for the buyer acquiring a domain
  • And most importantly you control your own domain value, it has been proven by the Domain King that Registrar estimation like Estibot are a total joke. Sold BESTODDS.COM for $3.6M when evaluated at a ridiculous $700 
  • Many domain brokers and investors uses a 3rd Escrow party to help with the trading off the domains for a fee
  • We use the industry leader which recently hit a $5B trading record on its Escrow platform

“Our premium eGaming, iGaming, Gambling and Sports Betting domains will be your best investment.” 

Not only you will reduce your costs trying to market it daily and for years, but our premium domains will give you a brand name with instant credibility plus with the right content and SEO strategy you shall rank in the Top 10 SERP’s within months from launching. We recommend watching these 3 videos below to better understand the added value of our Premium gTLD’s (Top Level Domains), also known as Exact Match Domains (EMD) which most are all Type-Ins, Keyword Rich SEO Domains. TO VIEW ALL OUR DOMAINS PLEASE DOWNLOAD OUR PDF CLICK HERE.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO - Rick Schwartz, The Domain King | Domain Evaluation Guide - A domain name value is minimum $15,000, $20,000, $30,000. Dont leave money on the table.
The Changing Asian Domain Landscape – Are new TLDs making a dent in the industry?
CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO - Edmon Chung, CEO of the DotAsia Organisation starts the session by sharing some of the opportunities and threats for the new gTLD’s and how Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) can use the new gTLD’s to their advantage.
A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs - Frank Schilling.
CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO - Why Invest In Domain Names? Michael Cyger CEO DOMAINSHERPA & DNAcademy

"Good Domains appreciate over time, like land in desirable location." Michael Cyger. Domain Sherpa & DNAcademy

Well, in our case, we are talking about the Global Online Gambling market which its value only keeps growing year after year. It is set to be a $97.69B market by 2025, we also know that our unique portfolio of domains and business model of trading premium eGaming, iGaming, Gambling and Sports Betting domains are not only valuable but a unique collection of digital assets. Together with the right software partner with a decent marketing budget, our premium domains are extremely valuable even on an affiliate program. 

Our niche and unique collection and portfolio: 

  3. ePOKER
  4. eCASINO
  5. eGAMING
  8. 888   

Casino and Gambling domains monopoly makes the #1 Global Source for Premium eGaming, iGaming, Gambling and SportsBetting Domain Names. Our premium domains are all EMD – Exact Match Domains and Types-Ins Domains which brings targeted traffic which is key to any online business success. Our EMD will also give you instant credit for the vertical or niche industry you are entering. 

How great of a domain is ePOKER.CLUBThis short, targeted and brandable niche domain is easier to market to the millions of Poker Players out there than ePOKERCLUB.COM which is lengthier and does not have the SEO ability of a gTLD.


We also secured this premium domain hack eCASINO.CLUB which is the perfect combo to own and launch both sites simultaneously.  

The Huge Benefits of Owning an EXACT MATCH DOMAIN – EMD:

EMD are SEO Domain, they are Keyword Rich Type-In Domain. Most importantly EMD brings you free Targeted Traffic. It saves you a lot of Money trying to market it. It gives you Instant Credibility for the niche industry. 10 years ago all were praising the .COM. Now new gTLD’s are proving that this myth was only to keep their .COM value high and not allow any other domain extensions to rise to the top. It is not long before we hear of a one word or two word gTLD’s reach an 8 figure. Once this happens, all the rare one word plus extension or two words EMD will be of greater value. We predict in the next 2 to 3 years or it can even happen this 2021 that we shall make a new gTLD sale record and make history. Want to discover the best selling Gambling Domains? Click here.

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