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The Horse .Racing monopoly connects to over 100 million horse racing betters in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and beyond.

Horse Race Betting was a $100 billion dollar market in 2015.

Horse Race Betting is poised to reach $139 billion by 2024.

At, we have taken the time to study and secure the very best EMD – Exact Match Domains and LTS – Long Tail Searches for these Sports Betting Events. The below Sports Betting Domain Collection and Strategic Portfolio is the perfect digital assets investment for any entrepreneur wanting to launch into sports betting or any already established companies looking for a new strategy to create and own content rich blogs, affiliates sports betting sites with authority links. They all use these keywords as content marketing, as  menu titles and links inside their website. To actually own all these Long Tail Keywords as their domains and link them with their existing sites will strengthen their SERP’s and will give them a competitive advantage.

How easy is it to remember this domain?

Once you have launched this betting site you will be able to rank for each keyword and EMD with this SEO domain. The traffic you will generate from these sites will be the lifeblood of your business. It is your job to make theme an household brand and name.

The World Most Valuable Collection and Monopoly click here.

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