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Major Soccer Clubs in Europe Make $200 Million With Fan Tokens, Report Reveals

Leading European soccer teams have reportedly made millions from the sale of crypto tokens to their supporters around the world. The scheme aimed at increasing fan engagement has been praised as an alternative revenue source during the pandemic but also criticized as a “gateway into speculative cryptocurrency.” *Source

Major FC’S are paying their players with club FAN TOKENS…UFC, NBA, F1 COMING SOON

FANTOKENS.FUTBOL is the ultimate domain to consolidate the Football Clubs Fan Tokens


The .FUTBOL is a recognizable domain for football enthusiasts around the world. … A .FUTBOL domain name unites clubs, fans, media, and retailers.



When COVID-19 restrictions put a swift and definitive pause on live sports and entertainment, digital technologies led the way in connecting fans worldwide to the brands, teams, and personalities they love. In this context, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a promising medium for fan engagement. NFTs are unique tokenized representations of digital files that are exchanged on public blockchains. With more than $1.5B in NFT transactions generated in the first quarter of 20211, NFTs are gaining momentum through collections of digital-first memorabilia from fan-favorite athletes and memorable moments in games. READ FULL REPORT Click here.

Found similar results, where more than half of football fans (55%) worldwide would be interested in buying tokens that gave them the right to vote on decisions at their favourite club; they were also willing to pay on average 10 EUR / 11 USD for the privilege. Bearing in mind that football fans don’t necessarily follow just one club, but on average, follow 4.6 teams all over the world, according to Dugout, the only football company in the world that is owned by 9 of the top football clubs, this means that the average football fan might choose to buy Fan Tokens for four or five clubs, bringing the spend per fan closer to a conservative 40 EUR. *Source

Top 10 List of the World’s Most Popular Sports

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  1. FanTokens.Futbol– Perfect for Global Futbol’s 3.5 Billion Fans
  2. FanTokens.Soccer – Perfect for US Soccer Market – They call it soccer +3.5Billion Fans
  3. FanTokens.Cricket – Perfect Brand for Cricket’s 2.5 Billion Fans
  4. FanTokens.Hockey – Perfect Brand for Hockey’s 2 Billion Fans
  5. FanTokens.Golf – Perfect Brand for Golf’s 450M Fans
  6. FanTokens.Racing – Perfect Brand and Domain for all Racing Sports, F1, Sports and Horse Racing
  7. FanTokens.Tennis – Perfect Brand and Domain for Tennis 1Billion Fans
  8. FanTokens.Team – Perfect Brand for all FC Teams and others Sports Teams
  9. FanTokens.Exchange – Perfect Brand and Domain for FTO exchange platform
  10. FanTokens.Store  – Launch your own Fan Token Store on affiliates
  11. FanTokens.Best  – Perfect for a Fan Token Blog content for links and SEO
  12. FanTokens.VC – Perfect for a VC Firm focusing on Tokens and other blockchain projects
  13. FanTokens.Foot – Perfect for Global Football’s 3.5 Billion Fans***Web 3 blockchain domain* We have more on Web3Domains.Auction IE- Sports.Token + Fan.Token + F1.Token and more…  



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