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Macau is known as the Asian Las Vegas Casino Strip and destination

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Online Gambling in Macau

Although many brick-and-mortar casinos are working to tap into the online gaming world, those in Macau cannot. This is because no law supports online casinos. This means there isn’t a legal framework as to whether or how they should operate. This limits the casino operator, but not the player.

While casinos cannot put up shop online, players can access their favorite games on platforms licensed outside Macau. This fact has driven many casino operators and game developers, with certifications from trusted regulatory bodies in the industry, to target the Macau audience and get them to play on their sites. Most do this through enticing offers in promotions and bonuses.

Why a .CASINO?

Because casinos are now major vacation destinations all over the world, the success of the casino industry relies on travel agents, tourism companies, coach tours, shops, restaurants, music venues, traveling shows, as well as the casinos themselves. .CASINO offers the perfect new TLD option for any person, group, or business in the casino market, creating a go-to hub for this multi-billion dollar a year industry.

Online Casino Companies Flocking to Buy Dot Casino ( .Casino ) Domain Names

Dot Casino (.Casino) domains are available for the first time ever as of June 4, 2015, and the time to buy this valuable virtual real estate has never been better. Actually, there has never even been a time to get into this specific side of internet domain names in such a unique way. In a recent study, 85% of the respondents indicated that they prefer to type a full domain name into the address bar rather than use a search engine to navigate. Not only does this give companies and casino owners the chance for a more specific domain, in many cases it allows for businesses to obtain the shorter and more memorable, desirable domain names. *Source


Together with Hong Kong, Macao is one of the two special administrative regions of China. The former Portuguese colony is also the only part of China where gambling is legal. Gambling is one of the most essential industries of Macao, creating over 58,000 job opportunities. Home to the biggest games with the highest stakes in the world, the casinos in Macao contributed a gross revenue of around 36.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, over four times that of Neveda’s casino gaming revenue.



To protect the interests of land-based casino and betting companies, online gambling in Macau is legally accessible through only two sites. The Macau Jockey Club are responsible for gambling on horse racing, and Macau slot have an online portal through which they offer sports betting markets. But all this is about to change just like in the US.

Now with Covid 19 pandemic which mainly hit the hospitality industry and mainly hotels and casino Macau law makers looking at legalising Online Casino this domain will be the hottest property on the market.

Macau considers legalising online gambling


Macau legislator urges SAR government to introduce online gambling

A Macau legislator has urged the SAR government to introduce online gambling in order to help overcome the economic challenges brought about by COVID-19.

In the written interpellation sent to the government, legislator José Maria Pereira Coutinho expressed his concerns over the impact COVID-19 has had on Macau’s gaming and tourism industries, warning the SAR may not return to the highs it had experienced before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Macau legislator urges SAR government to introduce online gambling



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