Richest eGaming domains worth over $7.5 billion

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Top eGaming domains have generated more than $7.5 billion with domains in the industry ranked alongside some of the biggest names in social media and retail.

Twitch, Roblox, Discord, wikiHow, and Steam are competing with the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon in the top 100 richest domains with the eGaming sites worth an estimated $7.75 billion, combined.

eGaming site Twitch takes the crown as the richest domain in the industry, making the top 25 overall, coming in at 23rd place, with the website valued at an estimated $3.83 billion.

The streaming platform’s high position sees it alongside major brands such as Instagram, ranked 21st and worth $3.91 billion, ahead of Twitter coming in at 36th place worth $3.16 billion, and in 37th place valued at $3.12 billion.

Second in the industry’s high earners is Roblox with the games site at 65th position overall, worth $1.12 billion, followed by Discord in 79th place and valued at $964 million. WikiHow takes the 92nd spot thanks to its $922 million value while Steam Community comes in at 96th worth an estimated $907 million.

Richest eGaming domains:

RankSectorWebsite URLEstimated value ($)

Google and YouTube crowned internet’s Richest eGaming Domains

Despite some impressive financials for sites in the eGaming industry, the gap between them and the top domains remains huge.

Google and YouTube (a subsidiary of Google) take top spot as the internet’s richest domains, coming in joint first place with an eye-watering estimated value of over $102 billion.

Google has 20 domains on the list, which have a total collective value of over $129 billion.

Tech sites make up over 40 percent of the Richest Domains Top 100 with sites like Facebook, Baidu, Weibo, and Reddit all making it into the top 20.

The ecommerce and news sectors have also fared well, with 21 and 15 domains respectively on the list. Chinese ecommerce companies Taobao and JD both made the top 10, as did news and media domains QQ and Sohu.

Other notable companies that have made the list include Netflix (15th) and Zoom (16th), both of which have seen huge successes over the world since lockdown.

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