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Gaming Technology Trends 2021:
  • Influence of Esports on all Gaming Trends.
  • Esports is the most significant gaming trend to rise in 2021.
  • Social Gaming. Social gaming was an unexplored arena in the gaming world and technologies
  • Roguelike Gaming
  • Cloud-Based Gaming
  • Board Games and Card Games
  • Early Access Gaming

Stats worth knowing for 2021:

According to Statista forecasts, in 2021, the number of gamers could reach one third of the world’s population. Most of the players are from Asia – about 1.4 billion. It is followed by Europe with 386 million, Middle East and Africa with 377 million, Latin America with 266 million and North America with 210 million.

The market of computer and mobile games by the end of the year will reach $159.3 billion. This is almost three times the market for other entertainment sources. It is estimated that by 2022 this market will grow up to $196 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 9% in 2018-2022

With the world still adjusting to the new normal, best gaming technology will continue to rise. Contact us to know the gaming trends 2021.

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